Hello, and welcome!

I'm your host,Vernon Nemitz, and you have reached the entry page to my section of this Web site.

Perhaps you have noticed the paucity of eye candy here.  I confess I'm guilty of preferring text.
Sure, some pictures have proven worthy of a thousand words, or even more, like this one:

and I may include a few others here, in due course.

Mostly, though, we all know that many images are bandwitdth-consuming bells and whistles
that add little to the value of a Web site.  Do all of us want to waste our time here?

Well, I do and I don't!  Maybe you feel the same, that we simply prefer to waste time efficiently!

Since I have plenty of other things to do elsewhere, what I plan to do here, when I happen to
actually get around to doing something, is edit this first page for your convenience,
so you can more easily decide what might be worth revisiting.

Feel free to Back out of here, whenever your current time-wastage quota has been reached.
Until then, how about another page?

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Copyright       03/23/2002 10/13/2007
Facts           03/23/2002 04/19/2002
Fiction         03/23/2002 04/01/2002
Games           03/23/2002 03/14/2016
Humor           03/24/2002 05/31/2002
Mad Science     03/24/2002 09/25/2007
Opinions        03/24/2002 02/18/2003
Vernon          03/23/2002 04/19/2002
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Notes:     Well, it sure has been a while since the last time this page was edited!
              I think a few other pages were tweaked, without remarks being added here.
              Anyway, some new stuff is up that deserves mention here.  Another link
              was added to the Mad Science page, relating to "Cold" nuclear fusion.
              And the Copyright page was edited to reflect some near-term future plans.

              On 07/09/2004, the Mad Science page was edited, to include two links to
              two new files.  They describe something that might resemble a
              "reactionless drive", even though if it works, it won't actually be one.  It
              will just LOOK like one.  Enjoy!

              On 08/30/2003, the Games page was edited slightly.  I am beginning to try to
              compensate for being unable to offer directly-downloadable executable games.

              On 07/13/2003, an update was added to the Mad Science page, regarding
              the high-voltage "lifter" gadget described there.

              On 2/18/2003, a link to a new file was added to the Opinions page.  You
              are welcome to disagree with the opinions in that file!

              On 11/16/2002, an additional version of a game ("Master Mind") was
              attached to the Games page.  I'm sorry that the other versions could
              not successfully be downloaded.  But the new one is a JavaScript
              program embedded in a regular HTML Web page.  Enjoy!

             At last, 5/31/2002, some jokes have been added to the Humor page!

             On 5/11/2002, the Mad Science page was edited again, and one of the linked
             T.O.E. essay files was replaced with an updated version (4 pages appended).

             On 4/19/2002, the Facts page had a new, shorter, bolder, and more reader-friendly
             resume added to it, along with a cover letter.

             On 4/16/2002, the Mad Science page was reformatted, and a fair amount of
             explanatory material was added.

             On 4/13/2002. a significant amount of new material was added to the Opinions page.

             On 4/9/2002, some of the .htm files on the Mad Science page were replaced with .pdf files.

             On 4/4/2002 two text files were attached to the Facts page.

             On 4/1/2002, a number of linked files were changed to .htm format, for easier viewing.
             A lot of "new" stuff was attached to the Mad Science page.

Copyright (C) 2002, by Vernon Nemitz
For details, see the Copyright page.