This game is a simple and fun way to practice expert logic, like Sherlock Holmes.  The goal is to
figure out (deduce) a Secret Number.  You get to decide how easy or hard that will be, to do!

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First, how many Digits do you want the Secret Number to have?
(Remember that the number 222 has 3 Digits, while 777777 has 6 Digits.)

Now what is the highest Numeral you will allow the Secret Number to contain?
(The Numerals are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.)

Click this button to generate a Secret Number.

Based on the choices above, the Secret number can be any combination of Numerals from
to , so there are total possible
Secret Numbers.  (The smaller that total, the easier the game!)

PLAYING THE GAME (more information below)

Try to Guess the Secret Number.   Process Guess

WHAT THE CLUES MEAN (when shown)

The clues are quantities, and are of two varieties.  One variety is called "Exact"; the other
variety is "Partial".  You will receive one clue for each digit in your guess, which is also in the
Secret Number.  If there are 5 digits in the Secret Number. you might receive as many as 5
clues (you might receive none). Some of the clues might be "Exact", and the rest "Partial".
Each "Exact" clue means that one of the digits in your guess is exactly in the right position,
compared to the Secret Number.  You still have to guess or figure out which digit that is!
Each "Partial" clue means that some digit in your guess is in the Secret Number, but is not
located in exactly the correct place.  Your goal is to receive an "Exact" clue for every digit.