This page is best viewed at a high screen resolution, such as 1280x1024 pixels,
or with the browser's default fonts set to small.  You need to be able to see all the "work area" at once.

Copy a SuDoKu puzzle into the appropriate boxes below.  (Click on a box and type a digit.)
Next, study the possibilities that are listed in the left side of each box.  Use them to fill in more of the puzzle.
Any possible number can be typed, to fill or refill a box.  ZERO is always possible, to empty a box.
If you need to make a guess, first click the "Remember" button.  More than one place can be Remembered.
If you don't like the results of entering various numbers after making that guess, click the "Recall" button.
The first-Remembered place will be the last-Recalled place.  A place can be Recalled just once per Remember.
When you wish to use this Helper on a new SuDoKu puzzle, click the "Reset" button.





In browser click File/SaveAs or File/SavePageAs, to save this page to disk.  Later,
load from disk and bookmark it; you don't have to connect to the Internet to use it.

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